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English name:Zinc sulphate

CAS RN:7733-02-0

EINECS No.:231-793-3

Molecular formula:ZnSO4

Molecular weight:161.4727

Physicochemical property:
White crystalline powder, relative density 3.31, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in acetone.
It is widely applied in pharmaceutical intermediate, pesticide intermediate, coating, paint, pigment and other intermediates as additive, organic or inorganic chemical raw material.
Feature and function

Quality index

  1. High purity, strong dispersing ability, fast and complete reaction.
  2. Pure white, no influence to the product after reaction.
  3. Less impurity, strong stability, reduce the influence of other products.
Index name
Zinc sulphate
Free acid≤
Water insoluble matter≤
Iron FE≤
Heavy metal ≤
Pass the test 0.005%

Usage:It is the raw material for the production of zinc salt, it can be used as the preservative of wood and leather, and emetic. It can be applied in cable production, it is the important auxiliary raw material of viscose fiber and vinylon fiber. Moreover, it is extensively applied in electrolysis and electroplating industries.

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