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Molecular formula:MnSO4·H2O
Molecular weight:169.01
CAS No.:7785-87-7
Property:Manganese(ii) sulfate is light pink powder. Relative density 2.95, easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethyl alcohol.
1. Industry grade

Content 98% Min
Iron content 0.004% Max
Chloride 0.004% Max
Water insoluble matter 0.05% Max
PH value 5-7

2. Feed grade

Content 98% Min
Manganese content 31.8% Min
Water insoluble matter 0.05% Max
Lead 0.0015% Max
Arsenic 0.0005% Max

Packing:Net weight 25kg, 50kg plastic woven bag lined with plastic bag.
1.Industry grade: Mainly used as the drier of ink and pint, catalyst of synthetic fatty acid, moreover, it can be used in the production of manganese compound, electrolytic manganese metal and manganese oxide. It is widely applied in printing and dyeing, paper making, ceramic, paint, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

2.Feed grade:Used in feed additive, catalyst of chlorophyll, it can promote growth and increase output.

Manganese(ii) sulfate is used as basic manganese salt, it is one of the important micronutrients fertilizers, it can promote growth of the crops and increase output. It can be used as the feed additive in animal husbandry and feed industries. It is the catalyst in the processing of ink and paint. Manganese(ii) sulfate is pink and its quality index is as follows:





Manganese(ii) sulfate content≥


Arsenic content ≤


Manganese content ≥


Content of water insoluble matter ≤


Lead content ≤


Fineness (Through 60 mesh)≥


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